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Red Boat Care asks the question: “Are you still writing critical medical information on paper?”

Red Boat Care announces the release of its Medical Activity Planner (MAP) software designed specifically for the primary caregiver in the home.

CEO Craig Maxey: “We are pleased to provide primary caregivers the software they need to manage health care in the home.  The results from our pilot confirm that our product delivers an effective tool for home caregivers.” 

Shifting Healthcare Landscape

The value of home care is becoming more significant as the health care landscape shifts from fee-for-services to fee-for-outcomes.  Hospital readmission penalties create additional incentives to improve outcomes for patients at home (those who are “Aging in Place”, disabled, chronically ill, etc.). Red Boat Care's timing is right for an effective software tool to help primary caregivers improve outcomes for people receiving care at home.

AG, Senior Consulting Pharmacist - “Years ago, for our record keeping when I helped take care of my mother in her home, we used a three-ring binder with all its disorderly faults. I wish we had had the software that Red Boat Care offers.”

A Different Approach

The focus of agency caregiver software is the management of their caregivers (scheduling and payroll) and the management of their clients (scheduling and billing). Red Boat Care chose a different approach. It focused first on the needs of the primary caregiver in the home. The result is a product that allows the primary caregiver to coordinate and communicate healthcare goals with the caregiving team.  Red Boat Care's MAP provides secure access to the medical information at any time, from any place, on any web browser.  Furthermore, family members can track the progress of the person receiving care.


$9.95 month (no extra fees to start or to discontinue).

Ease of Use

Red Boat Care has created an easy-to-use tool by studying how caregivers think and work, and by answering the caregivers’ “5 W” questions:
Who:  Who are the healthcare team members, the physicians, and the family members?
What: What medication needs to be taken, has been taken, or has been changed?
When: When is the next appointment, next dressing change, or next mealtime?
Why: Why was a medication prescribed, changed or discontinued?

Where: Caregiving in the home.

Caregiver supervisor commenting on the nine caregivers using Red Boat Care during a pilot: “The caregivers like using it”.

About Red Boat Care

Red Boat Care was founded at the end of 2012 to fill a significant hole in home care.  We identified a useful and needed product, the Medical Activity Planner (MAP), and went to work. The Red Boat Care team includes experienced design, engineering, and healthcare professionals.

Healthcare professional with over 30 years’ experience, reviewing MAP: “… you have done an excellent job with this product.”


Craig Maxey
Cell Phone: (978) 760-0584

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