Personal Healthcare

Taking care of yourself or someone else.

Healthcare Providers
Anyone with cronic health issues
    or their primary caregiver

The goal: Better Health - Peace of Mind

Better health comes from:
  • Improving health day by day.
  • Taking the correct medications at the correct time.
  • Performing the correct activities at the correct time.
  • Sharing heathcare information; what works and what does not.
  • Accessing essential health information any place, any time (especially when a care recipient has a medical event).
  • Knowing when a medication was changed and why.
Peace of Mind comes from:
  • Seeing day to day progress.
  • Knowing the right medications were taken.
  • Knowing the right activities were performed.
  • Knowing what helps a care recipient take a medication or perform a necessary activity.
  • Having all medical and contact information is available any place, any time.
  • Having enough help to give someone necessary care.

Taking care of someone: What a caregiver needs to know.

There are basic questions that must be answered to take care of someone:
  • What is needed? - The medications, activities and appointments.
  • Who needs to do it? – Which caregiver is scheduled for this time of day.
  • Why is it needed? – What is the reason for the medical activity?
  • What happened? – Notes and task complete.
How Red Boat Care can help:Medical Activity Planner (MAP) >

Taking care of someone: It takes a village.

A long journey requires a crew.
  • Healthcare of a family member can be a long journey.
  • The health of the caregiver and the person receiving care can be dependent on their obtaining help.
  • Getting that help requires assembling an enabled team.

Taking care of someone: The needs of the caregiving team.

The care giving team has communication and coordination needs:
  • Need to cover the daily care needs: From rides to appointments to administering medications.
  • Need to cover the different care times: Different times of day.

Taking care of someone: Software for today.

In the past, home caregivers have been advised to keep three-ring binders or use disparate office software tools to manage the home care of a loved one. Now there is a better way.

Red Boat Care offers software for caregivers for the same reasons banks offer electronic banking.
  • Recording information: Electronic entry instead of writing on paper.
  • Sharing information: Electronic transport instead of physical (allowing secure access any place, at anytime, on any device).
  • Finding information: Electronic search instead of physical (physical search is prohibitively slow).
  • Securing information: Electronic and physical security instead of just physical.
How Red Boat Care can help:Medical Activity Planner (MAP) >
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