Medical Activity Planner (MAP)

Software to track your health.

Achieving health goals with Red Boat Care (RBC)

Red Boat Care has developed the Medical Activity Planner (MAP) to help people achieve medical goals. RBC’s MAP helps people describe their daily activities (medications, therapies, meals, appointments, etc.) and then track the completion of those activities. Specifically the following capabilities are offered:
Daily Checklist
The MAP Daily Checklist helps people with their day’s health-related actions:
  • Taking medications:
    MAP assists the patient to translate the medication instructions on a bottle into specific daily actions, e.g. take this pill with this meal and/or with water.
  • Performing activities:
    MAP helps patients perform daily activities, from exercise to meals by using an easy to follow daily list.
  • Making appointments:
    MAP allows patients to include their appointments in the same easy to follow daily list.
Note Taking (Journal)
  • Logging day-to-day health-related information helps patients improve medical
Contacts (all medical references in one place)
  • Having all of the patient's health-related contacts in one place not only helps
    the patient but it also helps supporting caregivers.
  • Recording the patient's weight, blood pressure, pulse and other vitals confirms
    progress towards the patient's health goal. Graphical views with overlays allow patients to see the impact of specific activities on their associated vitals.
Other Patient Information
  • RBC’s MAP allows patients to capture a wide range of additional health-related
    information from immunizations to medical images.
Web-Enabled User Interface
  • All of the patient's information is always available on RBC’s secure web-based
    Medical Activity Planner (MAP). This application also supports the coordination and communication needs of a care giving team (patient and caregivers).

Medical Activity Planner (MAP) – Complete feature list

Managing Health at Home - Comprehensive feature capabilities:
Daily Checklist
  • Daily Checklist – The Daily Checklist shows the medication, activity and appointment tasks that need to be performed on any given day.
  • Medications - The Red Boat Care extensive medication database includes both generic and brand names. The auto-completion feature helps eliminate typing errors.
  • Activities (of Daily Living) – Meals, personal care tasks, and any other activities can be specified in MAP Activities.
  • Appointments – Along with date and time, you can specify the associated reason and medical provider when you add an Appointment to the Daily Checklist.
  • Notes - Notes are an essential component for reporting and coordinating caregiving. An added Note can be marked as an Alert, which will prompt an immediate notification of designated caregivers.
All Medications
  • Medications - See above
  • Vitals – Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Weight, Heart Rate, etc. are stored in both table and graph representations in the MAP.
  • Plan View - The medications, activities and appointments grouped by reason (problem).
  • Additional medical information - Allergies, immunizations, and other medication available can be recorded in the MAP.
  • Messages – Caregivers can send other caregivers personal messages within the MAP application.
  • Alerts – Caregiver(s) can be notified of medical events by email (or text message) by the posting of an Alert Note.
  • Notifications – Caregiving agencies (and other vested parties) can be email-notified of medication or activity changes.
  • Notes – See above.
  • Providers – Physicians, physical therapists and the other healthcare professional team members’ information is captured in the MAP Providers feature.
  • Contacts – The information for family caregivers and interested parties is captured in the MAP Contacts directory.
  • Monthly/Weekly view - Meals and personal care. (link to details)
  • Weekly refrigerator view - A weekly medical task checklist can be printed and placed on the refrigerator and/or used to fill a pill minder.
  • Shifts - Caregiver work hours can be scheduled in the MAP Shifts view.
Reporting and Graphing
  • Caregiving Metrics – Supervisors can track user login activity, medication changes, Notes summaries and other system metrics with the MAP reporting features.
  • History – All caregiver actions (from adding a note to adding a vital) are recorded and made available to all Red Boat Care users.
  • Medication and Activity Overlays – The impact of medications and activities on vital measurements can be visually seen with our vitals graphic overlay capability. (This capability can improve medical adherence.)
  • Export (Download) – Medications, activities, providers, and other medical information can be downloaded into a Microsoft Word file. This allows users to have a local copy of their medical information (never need to completely dependent on Red Boat Care).
  • Archive – Medications and activities that have been completed but may need to be repeated can be archived. MAP allows users to mark medications and activities as archived.
  • Search – The MAP search capability returns all occurrences of search words anywhere in MAP data.
  • Help – Learn how to add/edit medications, activities or appointments.

Technology and Security

Red Boat Care uses contemporary technology to provide secure access to your health information (for techies that want to know).
  • Web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) application.
  • Operates with any browser.
  • Contemporary software stack (JQuery, Ajax…)
  • URL – We do not use any URL parameters.
  • Bare URL – We ensure that only bare Index.php URLs get through.
  • Secure Transport Layer - We use SSL
  • SQL Injection – We use PDO’s and Prepared Statements.
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) – We strip tags in JavaScript during input.
  • Passwords - We use strong password encryption.
  • Directory listing - We ensure that a browser cannot list any directory.
  • Database / Code backup protection – Encrypted with daily backups.

Ease of Use

Caregivers have other jobs, therefore, their time is expensive. They do not have the time to struggle with difficult software. Ease of use has been the driving force behind our product design. Studying the activities of caregivers resulted in the design of the following capabilities:
  • Daily Checklist – Identify the task to be performed and confirm its completion. A cornerstone of the product is the daily checklist. Enabling a care giving team requires that they simply know, what needs to be done and when to do it.
  • Contextual Notes – Add Notes with the Activity and Medication names automatically included in the Note.
  • Medication Database - Select medications from our database that includes both brand name and generic name with auto-complete lookup.
  • Medication Mapping – Convert the “three-times-a-day” pill bottle instructions into actionable Daily Checklist items.
  • Schedule Patterns – Schedule medications and activities using common patterns: Days of the Week, Daily, Once, Once a Month.
  • Comprehensive feature set:Perform all of the essential tasks under one product:
  • See and change all medical information.
  • Schedule tasks and people.
  • Communicate among the care giving team.
  • Comprehensive Search – Search for a doctor’s name and find all instances of the doctor’s mention, medications, appointments, notes, etc.
  • Medication Changes – Discover who made medication changes to the Daily Checklist.

What they are saying about Red Boat Care

You can at anytime, from any place, manage caregiving:
  • Healthcare professional with over 30 years’ experience, reviewing MAP: “… you have done an excellent job with this product.”
  • Caregiver supervisor commenting on the nine caregivers using Red Boat Care during a pilot: “The caregivers like using it”.

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